“The significant problems we face cannot be solved from the same level of consciousness that created them.”

Albert Einstein

At The Right Reflection™, we facilitate transformation for individuals, teams, and organizations by creating true change rather than simply reengineering what already exists. Our work is grounded in the principles of Positive Psychology and results in increased confidence and courage that individuals and organizations need to achieve their highest aspirations. We deliver our customized services through individual coaching engagements, leadership workshops, business culture audits, and group forums.

Our Services at a Glance



Strengthening the Individual

Our approach to individual coaching focuses on thriving through discovery and use of individual strengths versus “fixing” what may be seen as broken. Our core coaching program is for people at all levels in an organization. Our Leadership Coaching program helps leaders drive transformative change.

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Culture Audits

Transforming Cultures

We help you discover and close the gap between the existing culture and the desired culture. This is the first and most critical step for any team, organization, or corporation with the goal of truly transforming how they do business.



Building on collective strengths

We offer comprehensive workshops for experienced and aspiring leaders as well as workshops on a variety of specific subjects including diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias and preparing women for leadership roles, to name a few. By strengthening individual engagement, our workshops result in greater team effectiveness.


Keynote and Event Speaking

Inspiring your Audience

The Right Reflection founder, Pam Alfrey Hernandez, is an experienced speaker, facilitator and advisor on a broad range of leadership and self-awareness topics. Her extensive experience will help make every minute of your next event or conference count.

The Leadership Circle™

We use The Leadership Circle™ profile because it offers a comprehensive, actionable profile of leadership skills.  (They also provide the most humane and useful 360 tool I have ever seen which was the subject of a recent blog.) In short The Leadership Circle Profile is designed to accelerate leadership effectiveness beyond traditional competency-based approaches and we are very excited to have it in our coaching and leadership development toolbox.


Pamela Alfrey Hernandez, MAPP, CPCC, ACC

Pam’s thirty-year career in the financial services industry began as an entry-level employee and culminated in her role as Chief Operating Officer. She hired, developed and led at all levels in her organization, from entry to executive level, and her experience included marketing, human resources, IT, operations and strategy. As she rose, she recognized the importance that transformational leadership plays in the overall success of an organization – and the well being of its employees.

Tedx Talk

“Adultery of the Brain”

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In addition to my leadership coaching and development work, I provide business consulting in the following areas:

  • Business strategy development
  • Human capital strategy alignment with business strategy
  • Training & development needs assessments
  • Workforce communications
  • Employee engagement

Email me to learn more.

Recent Reflections From Our Blog

The Upside of Envy

There's an interesting article in this Sunday's New York Times, "The Upside of Envy."  The author (Gordon Marino) states that envy is the hardest emotion for us to own. Instead most of us will find a reason to disparage the person or thing that we envy. Perhaps we...

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Unconscious or Conscious: Bias does damage

For the past few years, Unconscious bias has been among the most frequently requested topics for my workshops and presentations. Much of what we believe and assume about others is unconscious. Based on messages we’ve received as we’ve grown up, we’ve formed...

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Only What Can Be Counted?

This quotation is often attributed to Albert Einstein but there’s no real proof he said it. But he should have because it’s so true. I have had several instances in the last few days that have made me think of this quotation and that’s usually an indication I should...

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“I have to tell you I am scared”

The new CEO of Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi, the former CEO of Expedia, penned this departing note to his Expedia employees: I have to tell you I am scared. I've been here at Expedia for so long that I've forgotten what life is like outside this place. But the times of...

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A Strength Over-Used is a Weakness

I was asked recently, “What are some of the negative habits that hinder leaders from being effective and successful?” The top problem I see in my leadership coaching work is leaders overusing a strength. When we over rely on a strength, it limits our effectiveness....

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