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Pamela Alfrey Hernandez, MAPP, CPCC, ACC


Pam Alfrey Hernandez created The Right Reflection ™, a leadership development, coaching and mentoring consulting firm, based in Omaha in February 2015, after a distinguished and groundbreaking career at Woodmen Life.

In the past three years, she has developed The Right Reflection into one with a long list of accomplishments and successful client relationships. She is a frequent speaker and panelist at conferences and seminars.

“There has been a recent shift in the past few years in the topics that are relevant to executive management teams, in companies, in institutions and public sector organizations. I am increasingly engaged by all three in the field of ‘Unconscious Bias as it relates to women taking more senior roles.”

The magnitude of her accomplishment at Woodmen, where in 2008, she rose to the rank of chief operating officer and the first female executive team member of the 125-year-old firm, is reflected in the size and breadth of the firm, a non-profit financial services organization with $10 billion in assets, $34 plus billion in life insurance in force, $1 billion in annual revenue, 700,000 plus policyholders and 1500+ employees/sales agents.

“When I joined Woodmen’s in 1984,” she says, “I was a trainer and, frankly, there were few female role models in the insurance industry for someone like me who aspired to reach executive management.”

Working her way through the organization and by expanding her skillset, she held increasingly more senior positions in marketing, operations, technology and human resources until she attained her EVP/COO position.

“While I was proud of what I accomplished,” says Hernandez who holds both a bachelor of science and a master of arts degree from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, “I also felt that I had unique combination of education, experience and expertise that would allow me to mentor, train and coach others who sought leadership roles in their vocations.”

As she was contemplating her next career steps while at Woodmen, she was also completing an additional master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. “My career coincided with the beginning of openings in many industries for women.

“I came to the conclusion that my life goal was to ‘evoke transformation wherever needed.’ I am at my best when I am creating environments where innovation and transformation can emerge. My career has been marked by ‘firsts.’ Helping others to see what is possible and creating a positive vision for the future followed by the courage to persevere is how I like to work.”

Most importantly, Pam’s thirty years of corporate experience combined with her degrees, certifications and specialized training, ensure that the programs and advice she brings are well researched, practical and workable.

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“It is a rare moment when you meet someone who truly invests in people to help them thrive. Pam captures those moments continuously as she helps transform those she works with in the most creative of ways. Be it an individual or a group, Pam’s vast experience as a leading woman in the community and corporate world allow her unprecedented access to really craft not just a plan but the culture change necessary for people to grow and be their best selves.  When people thrive, companies thrive.  She has helped me beyond words in being my best both personally and professionally for years.”

Joann Schaefer MD
VP and CMO Medical Care and Medical Management
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska

About The Right Reflection™

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly,  but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” 
Maya Angelou

Our Story — and Our Logo

The Right Reflection™ grew out of my UPenn Positive Psychology capstone of the same name. It was about how we see ourselves only through the reflection of others. It explored the importance of self clarity as the starting point for acting boldly and living fully. Change is often in order to achieve our highest life aspirations, but more often than not, true transformation is called for. This applies equally to the individual or an entire organization.

I wanted my logo to reflect both self acceptance AND transformation.  Our butterfly intentionally lacks the perfect symmetry in the wing pattern, because not all transformations are perfect – and that’s ok. With its emerging form and color, our butterfly is a tangible and familiar example of true transformation. If not for the amazing metamorphosis a caterpillar undertakes, we would simply have better caterpillars – and no butterflies.

At The Right Reflection™, we facilitate transformation for individuals, teams, and organizations in a similar way…by creating true change rather than simply reengineering what already exists.

Keynote and Event Speaker

The Right Reflection™ founder, Pam Alfrey Hernandez, is an experienced and informative speaker. She is retained by corporations and business event planners to speak on a broad range of leadership topics. Pam also works with women’s groups, speaking on topics of specific interest to women in leadership roles.

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