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“My purpose in writing this note is to enthusiastically endorse Pam Hernandez at Right Reflection’s executive coaching. Timing is everything and I am certain that working with Pam gave me immediate alternatives and strategies to meet the challenges of leadership. Pam is an expert who is well read and able to share from research, literature or real life experiences. If you are ready to really explore your leadership including your work-life balance Pam is the Executive Coach for you.”

Amy Richardson

President and CEO, Women's Center for Advancement


Participant Feedback on Unconscious Bias Workshop

“Fascinating topic! And the speaker was so good – very informative. I could listen to her forever.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed Pam as a speaker. Presented useful information and kept topic interesting.”

“Thought provoking presentation supported by statistics. Interesting, Awareness is key to self-check of unconscious bias.”

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In response to a changing demographic, we have been growing.  With growth comes opportunity. How we manage this opportunity is dependent on planning as a team.  We sought out Pam’s expertise to help us dream and vision our future.  Her energy and enthusiasm made for a great discussion.  We felt energized at the end of the session and look forward to applying her ideas and suggestions to our ongoing dreaming of the future.  We are grateful to Pam for her willingness to work with us as we continue to dream big!

University Department Head

Strategic Visioning Session

quote marksI highly recommend Pam as a speaker or workshop leader for your student groups. Her presentations are engaging and thought provoking. For example, several teachers reported her presentation on “Unconscious Bias” challenged their students to think deeply about how our biases influence our thoughts, beliefs and actions . Student response to Pam’s presentation to our Feminist Club was very positive, with students wishing they had more time at the end of the session to continue the conversation with her. Students seemed excited about being able to talk openly with an established public figure, who acknowledged and validated their passions and frustrations.

Brent Toalson

Principal, Lincoln Southeast High School, Lincoln, NE


Participant Feedback on Change Workshop

“I like listening to what Pam has to say. I’ve heard her speak in a different class and I’m really glad that they were different topics. I think she has a lot of really great knowledge about leading change, especially on the emotional side.”

“I really enjoyed how Pam engaged the class and helped us determine our own change preference.”

“The presentation was very interesting and full of great information, and she should definitely be invited to speak again in the future. – I really enjoyed this discussion and would love to learn more”

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“Pam’s coaching was a welcome touchstone for me during a very confusing and uncertain time in my professional and personal life.  Pam is trustworthy, has good judgment, and is a sympathetic yet non-patronizing listener.  She is patient with defeats and enthusiastically supportive in triumphs.  She asks rather than tells, provokes thought rather than giving directions, and holds you accountable for self-determined goals.  She helped me to see blind spots and increased my self-awareness: showing me areas in which I was strong and areas in which I needed to develop.  My assumptions were challenged, which broadened my thinking and ultimately allowed me to increase my effectiveness at home and at work at a time when I felt like I was failing at both.  Her coaching helped me to learn in a way so that I can continue to grow even though our sessions are complete.”

Jennifer Barry

Founder and CEO, Revolve Fine Art, PBC: Fine Art Brokerage

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Seasoned HR Leaders often fall in the trap of day-to-day work and compliance and struggle to maintain our bold, true, authentic voices.   Pam’s presentation on Unconscious Bias helped me see how a fact of life is impacting the way we practice our HR Roles.  Acknowledging that we all view others from our own perspective is just the first step to becoming an inclusive and highly effective leader.  Pam’s presentation was funny, fascinating, and informative and helped me recognize my own biases and the impact they have.  

Megan Berry Barlow

Human Resources Director, Nebraska Furniture Mart - Omaha


Participant Feedback on Leadership Workshop for Women

“Great workshop. Pam’s experience and expertise provided great insight and advice that I’m excited about practicing and implementing in my career. Well worth the trip from Sioux Falls!”

“Thank you so much Pam! Really enjoyed the day and you are so easy going, you made it very easy to open up even in a room of strangers.”

“I really liked being able to take the time to look within using the assessments and discussion. I was able to take note of some things I want to stop and start doing.”

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Pamela Alfrey Hernandez was the keynote speaker at the Urban League of Nebraska’s Equal Opportunity Day Luncheon, where we recognized local corporations for their commitment to diversity and inclusion.  Pam shared from her personal experiences and insights her perspective on unconscious and implicit bias and how it may impact the workplace.  She conveyed a relevant message in a manner that was pertinent and tactful, and she challenged the audience to employ her strategies in their environment”

Thomas H. Warren, Sr.

Executive Director, Urban League of Nebraska

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