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Through our work with groups and individuals, we help develop leaders who are committed to the changes that an updated culture brings. The Right Reflection’s coaching, workshop and leadership programs pull from the best and most current research. We work primarily in two settings: Group Workshops and Individual Coaching. In both, we begin by using proven, evidence-based assessments that reveal thinking and behavioral preferences, strengths, and values, which will help you get an accurate picture of who – and where – you are. 


To ensure that positive insights gained during our programs are applicable for the long term, we apply a continual cycle of awareness, exploration and application. Participants grasp the concepts most important to them, explore how these concepts are present in their lives, and take specific actions to incorporate what they have learned into their daily lives.


We help you build on strengths

In our individual coaching engagements, each client’s assessment results are foundational and are used throughout our work together. Individual coaching can range from as few as three to as many as twelve sessions. Coaching is customized to meet the needs of the individual and their company. Our approach to coaching is grounded in Postive Psychology and focuses on thriving through discovery and use of individual strengths versus  “fixing” what may be seen as broken.

To ensure that positive insights gained are applicable for the long term, we apply a continual cycle of awareness, exploration and application. Each person grasps the concepts most important to their situation, explores how they show up in their world, and takes specific actions to incorporate what they have learned into their daily lives.

How Our Leadership Coaching Works

We are often asked if “Leadership” Coaching is so named because it is exclusively for people who manage people. Although we do coach individuals who hold leadership positions, being in a leadership role is not a prerequisite for working with us.  Our coaching is sponsored by both corporations and individuals.

Corporations hire us to coach both experienced and aspiring leaders. They also engage us to work with teams and to coach high potential employees as well as employees whose success depends on their ability to influence others over whom they have no authority.

Individuals hire us for a variety of reasons. They are often at a critical personal and/or professional juncture and are seeking clarity about their personal and professional mission, what it will take to reach their highest aspirations and live their most fulfilling life.

Coaching testimonial

"Pam’s coaching was a welcome touchstone for me during a very confusing and uncertain time in my professional and personal life.  Pam is trustworthy, has good judgment, and is a sympathetic yet non-patronizing listener.  She is patient with defeats and enthusiastically supportive in triumphs.  She asks rather than tells, provokes thought rather than giving directions, and holds you accountable for self-determined goals.  She helped me to see blindspots and increased my self-awareness: showing me areas in which I was strong and areas in which I needed to develop.  My assumptions were challenged, which broadened my thinking and ultimately allowed me to increase my effectiveness at home and at work at a time when I felt like I was failing at both.  Her coaching helped me to learn in a way so that I can continue to grow even though our sessions are complete. "

Jennifer Barry
Founder and CEO 
Revolve Fine Art, PBC  :  Fine Art Brokerage 


Our Workshops

We Help New and Experienced Leaders Thrive

The Right Reflection Workshops are customized to the needs of your organization or group. Geared toward strengthening leadership skills of both seasoned and new leaders, participants in our workshops learn to replace thinking styles and behaviors that hinder personal and professional growth with those that promote thriving in all areas of life.

The Right Reflection Workshops typically include these critical topics and key points:

How Destructive Thinking Hinders Personal & Professional Development:

  • Low Self-Acceptance
  • Common Thinking Traps
  • Pessimistic Explanatory Style
  • Icebergs
  • Fixed Mindset
  • Overthinking
  • Maximizing vs. Satisficing

The Consequences of Destructive Thinking:

  • Disengagement and Avoiding Challenges
  • Perfectionism: Self-based, Other-based, and Socially-Prescribed
  • Imposter Phenomenon
  • Confidence Gap and the Role of Competence, Confidence and Courage

Tools and Techniques to Help Replace Destructive Thinking:

  • Using the ABC model (Actual Event/Beliefs/Consequences) to stop destructive thinking in its tracks
  • Using ACR (Active Constructive Responding) to improve relationships and build confidence
  • Developing a Growth Mindset through identifying and leveraging strengths
  • Learning when “good enough” is the best option
  • Using “incremental” risk-taking to build courage and confidence

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