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Our approach to coaching is grounded in Positive Psychology and focuses on thriving through discovery and use of individual strengths versus  “fixing” what may be seen as broken. Each client’s assessment results are foundational and are used throughout our work together.Coaching is customized to meet the needs of the individual and their company. To ensure that positive insights gained are applicable for the long term, we apply a continual cycle of awareness, exploration and application. Clients grasp the concepts most important to their situation, explore how they show up in their world, and take specific actions to incorporate what they have learned into their daily lives.

In addition to our core individual coaching services we also offer comprehensive  coaching for leaders.

Leadership Coaching

The Right Reflection works with leaders to discover different ways of addressing the challenges they face, especially in the area of transformational leadership. Using proven tools such as the Leadership Circle Profile™, we can quickly diagnose what’s working, what isn’t working, and tell you why.

We meet leaders where they are and help them understand their underlying and motivating habits of thought, and to see how their patterns of action reflect those internal assumptions. Revealing the source of behavior ultimately allows greater leverage for positive change.

Individual Coaching

We coach individuals and teams to help them discover and build on their innate strengths. As a result, people learn to thrive in all areas of their lives. Because of this, we are retained by corporations to coach people at a variety of levels in the organization to help increase engagement and retain key performers.

Individuals also personally retain us, often at critical life junctures, such as when clarity about their life and career aspirations is needed

Tools & Assessments

Our library includes a number of highly recognized assessments and tools. The Right Reflection™ will select and recommend those that are appropriate to utilize in each assignment. A sampling includes:

  • The Leadership Circle System:
    • Leadership Circle Profile
    • Leadership Culture Survey
    • Leadership Circle Profile Managers Edition
  • Emergenetics
  • VIA Survey (Values in Action)
  • Change Style Indicator
  • Change Style Navigator
What our Coaching Clients Say

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“My purpose in writing this note is to enthusiastically endorse Pam Hernandez at Right Reflection’s executive coaching. Timing is everything and I am certain that working with Pam gave me immediate alternatives and strategies to meet the challenges of leadership. Pam is an expert who is well read and able to share from research, literature or real life experiences. If you are ready to really explore your leadership including your work-life balance Pam is the Executive Coach for you.”

Amy Richardson

President and CEO,Women’s Center for Advancement

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“Pam’s coaching was a welcome touchstone for me during a very confusing and uncertain time in my professional and personal life.  Pam is trustworthy, has good judgment, and is a sympathetic yet non-patronizing listener.  She is patient with defeats and enthusiastically supportive in triumphs.  She asks rather than tells, provokes thought rather than giving directions, and holds you accountable for self-determined goals.  She helped me to see blindspots and increased my self-awareness: showing me areas in which I was strong and areas in which I needed to develop.  My assumptions were challenged, which broadened my thinking and ultimately allowed me to increase my effectiveness at home and at work at a time when I felt like I was failing at both.  Her coaching helped me to learn in a way so that I can continue to grow even though our sessions are complete.”  

Jennifer Barry

Founder and CEO , Revolve Fine Art, PBC:  Fine Art Brokerage

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Culture Audits

For transformative change

Today’s organizations face issues that are becoming increasingly complex. Old ways of thinking and leading are simply not as effective as they once were. In fact, a recent study of more than 100 companies who were engaged in major change revealed that 85% did not yield tangible results. This confirms as Einstein famously said: “The significant problems we face cannot be solved from the same level of consciousness that created them.”  When leaders can identify which behaviors and assumptions are no longer working, real and lasting change begins. Our Leadership Coaching (described above) helps achieve this. Our Culture Audits take it one critical step further.

What is a Culture Audit?

A culture audit provides a comprehensive look at an organization’s existing culture and compares it to the desired culture needed to sustain growth and success. The difference between the two will:

  • Create a compelling rationale for change.
  • Focus leadership development efforts.
  • Correlate the leadership culture to productivity, profits, and other bottom line metrics.

Tools and Approach

Using tools including The Leadership Culture Survey™, The Right Reflection helps uncover the ‘gap’ between the existing leadership culture, and the culture that those involved truly desire. It also reveals key opportunities for leadership development. When these are evident, The Right Reflection’s coaching can assist in developing a plan to build leadership from the inside out, allowing people to become the truly authentic leaders the organization needs.


Our Workshops

We strengthen teams and help new and experienced leaders thrive

Leadership & Team Development Workshops

In addition to individual coaching, The Right Reflection™ also works with groups and teams  to help them discover and build on their innate strengths. When teams can connect with what’s important to them, they have a common language to build trust and understanding. They can begin to reframe perceptions of their jobs to find new meaning, and will think, feel and behave in ways that result in a more engaged and thriving workforce.

The Right Reflection Workshops are customized to the needs of your organization or group. Geared toward strengthening the leadership skills of both seasoned and new leaders, and advancing team effectiveness, participants in our workshops learn to replace thinking styles and behaviors that hinder personal growth and job performance with those that promote thriving in all areas of life. The results of having confident, self-aware teams show up in many ways, including in an overall improvement in the organization’s financial performance.

As part of our workshops, all participants receive individual feedback based on the results of empirically based assessments. In addition, all participants will:

      • Learn to identify and replace destructive thinking with a growth mindset
      • Increase self-awareness for more authentic leadership
      • Build confidence through incremental risk taking

Special Interest Workshops

Every assignment The Right Reflection™ accepts is designed specifically for the client’s particular situation and needs. While we create each program to address issues or needs that have been presented, some of our recent work has centered on:

        • Diversity and Inclusion
        • Unconscious Bias: Uncovering and Managing in your Organization
        • Change as a Process, Not an Event
        • Developing Authentic Leadership
        • Transformational Leadership from the Inside Out
        • Defusing Self Limiting Beliefs
        • Living by Design, Not by Default
        • Reframing Techniques to Change Mindsets
        • A Job, A Career, A Calling: Making Work More Meaningful
        • Women Supporting Women – Or Not


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“Great workshop. Pam’s experience and expertise provided great insight and advice that I’m excited about practicing and implementing in my career. Well worth the trip from Sioux Falls!”

Participant, Women’s Leadership Workshop

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Keynote and Event Speaker

The Right Reflection founder, Pam Alfrey Hernandez, is an experienced and informative speaker. She is retained by corporations and business event planners to speak on a broad range of leadership topics and to facilitate break-out groups at industry conferences. Pam also works with women’s groups, speaking on topics of specific interest to women in leadership roles.

A sampling of the topics Pam brings to the podium include:

Self-improvement Topics

  • Identifying and changing thinking traps that sap self acceptance and self-confidence
  • Using reframing techniques to develop a positive life narrative
  • Discovering and leveraging strengths
  • Importance of Resilience
  • Dealing with perfectionism
  • Overcoming the imposter phenomenon and developing the confidence to take risks


Women Leaders – The Current State (Current Research)

  • Self Acceptance: Why it is vital for women
  • Environmental toxins (sexism, patriarchy, stereotypes), their impact and what to do about it
  • How the use of Appreciative Inquiry is changing women and the workplace, for the better
  • The imposter phenomenon: 1978 to present. What has changed?

Of interest to all audiences

  • Using literature to understand ourselves and others




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“Thoroughly enjoyed Pam as a speaker. Presented useful information and kept topic interesting.”

“Fascinating topic! And the speaker was so good – very informative. I could listen to her forever.”

Attendees at an Unconscious Bias Presentation

More Testimonials

Watch Pam’s Tedx Presentation

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