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Keynote and Event Speaker

The Right Reflection founder, Pam Alfrey Hernandez, is an experienced and informative speaker. She is retained by corporations and business event planners to speak, advise, and consult on a broad range of leadership topics. Pam also works with women’s groups, speaking and advising on topics of specific interest to women in leadership roles.

For more information or to book Pam to speak to your group or organization, contact us.  

Tedx Talk - "Adultery of the Brain"

A sampling of Topics Pam covers:

Self-improvement Topics

  • Identifying and changing thinking traps that sap self acceptance and self-confidence
  • Using reframing techniques to develop a positive life narrative
  • Discovering and leveraging strengths
  • Importance of Resilience
  • Dealing with perfectionism
  • Overcoming the imposter phenomenon and developing the confidence to take risks


Women Leaders – The Current State (Current Research)

  • Self Acceptance: Why it is vital for women
  • Environmental toxins (sexism, patriarchy, stereotypes), their impact and what to do about it
  • How the use of Appreciative Inquiry is changing women and the workplace, for the better
  • The imposter phenomenon: 1978 to present. What has changed?

Of interest to all audiences

  • Using literature to understand ourselves and others




Recent Reflections

The Upside of Envy

There's an interesting article in this Sunday's New York Times, "The Upside of Envy."  The author (Gordon Marino) states that envy is the hardest emotion for us to own. Instead most of us will find a reason to disparage the person or thing that we envy. Perhaps we...

Unconscious or Conscious: Bias does damage

For the past few years, Unconscious bias has been among the most frequently requested topics for my workshops and presentations. Much of what we believe and assume about others is unconscious. Based on messages we’ve received as we’ve grown up, we’ve formed...

Only What Can Be Counted?

This quotation is often attributed to Albert Einstein but there’s no real proof he said it. But he should have because it’s so true. I have had several instances in the last few days that have made me think of this quotation and that’s usually an indication I should...

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