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All of the topics below are offered as full day workshops or in an abbreviated format for presentations. If you are interested in a topic and you don’t see it below, please contact us and let us know more about your interests.

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“Seasoned HR Leaders often fall in the trap of day-to-day work and compliance and struggle to maintain our bold, true, authentic voices.   Pam’s presentation on Unconscious Bias helped me see how a fact of life is impacting the way we practice our HR Roles.  Acknowledging that we all view others from our own perspective is just the first step to becoming an inclusive and highly effective leader.  Pam’s presentation was funny, fascinating, and informative and helped me recognize my own biases and the impact they have.”

Megan Berry Barlow

Human Resource Director, Nebraska Furniture Mart

Diversity and Inclusion

The business case for having an inclusive, diversity-rich workforce was made decades ago, yet many companies still do not fully benefit from its powerful impact. Some started strong, but have simply lost their momentum and others have been very late in seeing the business opportunities it creates. Our diversity and inclusion workshops can give you a competitive advantage by re-energizing your company’s commitment to diversity.

Unconscious Bias: Uncovering and Managing in your Organization

Unconscious Bias is an implicit association or attitude—about race or gender, for example—that operates beyond our control and awareness, informs our perception of a person or social group and can influence our decision-making and behavior toward the target of the bias. It is a deeper dive into the diversity and inclusion arena that yields great results in recruiting and motivating the best workforce for your organization and creating a culture that works for all. Our presentations and workshops greatly increase sensitivity to unconscious bias, which results in improved employee hiring and development decisions.

Change as a Process, Not an Event

Our workshops help leaders identify their own preferences around change, introduce them to the four stages everyone goes through during change, and provides practical strategies to help others no matter which stage of change they’re currently experiencing. These workshops help create Change Leaders not just Change Managers.


Developing Authentic Leadership

Studies show that the most highly regarded trait of effective leaders is authenticity. Authenticity shows up in the form of self awareness, transparency and values that the leader lives by. While it is often said that leaders are born, not made, science now tells us that it is possible for us to make deep and lasting change that develops self awareness and other traits that lead to authenticity in leaders. Our workshops help leaders identify their guiding principles, their values, their personal mission and how to make sure their words and actions are in alignment with their direction.

Defusing Self Limiting Beliefs

Deep down, most of us suffer some doubt and insecurity about how we measure up. This workshop helps participants identify their particular set of self-limiting beliefs, provides insight into how and why these beliefs developed, and offers proven strategies for neutralizing these beliefs and moving ahead with confidence.


Living by Design, Not by Default

With our 24/7 always-on lives today, we often find our days filled with activity but not meaning. This workshop encourages participants to pause, decide what is most important and then offers strategies to design our work and our lives to complement each other while being more meaningful.

Reframing Techniques to Change Mindsets

Often we subtitle this workshop, “Heaven is Just a New Pair of Glasses,” as the techniques we cover help participants view their circumstances in an entirely new light. Fixed vs. Growth Mindset along with other thinking traps are explored along with powerful,reframing techniques that really work.


A Job, A Career, A Calling: Making Work More Meaningful

Some of us view our work as a job; some as a career; some as a calling. No matter our original view we can make our experience of work more meaningful. This workshop uses the research and hands-on tools from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan to help each participant craft his/her job in a way that leverages strengths and leads to more engagement.

Women Supporting Women – Or Not

This workshop explores the idea that women do not always support other women in the workplace. While the research around this topic has produced mixed results, we look at when it happens, why, and how to create a supportive work culture instead of a bullying one.


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